great love & learning.

januari 11, 2012 § Lämna en kommentar

On the night train from the city to the south. I saw spirits. Crawl across the river mouth in skewed ascension with no destination. Like this lone bachelor in me. This constant yearning for great love and learning. For the wind to carry me free. So when the birds fly south I’ll reach up and hold their tails. Down to the burning cliffs, to the everlasting whole,  to marry the untold princess and anchor this lost soul. From my window I saw two birds lost at sea. I caught our reflection in that silent tragedy. but with hope prevailing. I draw galleons sailing. in full sail billowing free. So when the birds fly south, reach up and hold their tails. Pull up and out of here. I give you my hand, the fingers unfold. To have and forever hold. To marry the untold blisses and anchor this lost soul.

Teignmouth – Patrick Wolf



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